About us

Basketball is no longer missing in Ku-ring-gai

Sunday Skill Sessions:
Grades K-2
Sunday Development Competition:
School Grades 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 & 9/10/11.

After School Sessions:
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons, skill and development sessions are offered to players. Sessions involve a mix of drills and games to help improve an individual player’s ability to play basketball. 

St Ives Basketball.
Since 2013, NSBL has offered a learn to play basketball development program for children in primary school and early high school. Our membership continues to grow on a weekly basis! All sessions provided are fun, flexible and inclusive.
Players enjoy the opportunity to learn and have fun with friends in a supportive environment that encourages teamwork, builds confidence and a general love for the game. Experienced and passionate coaches cater to all ages and skill levels. Sessions focus on fundamental movement skills, basketball orientated skill acquisition and game sense.

The club is an exciting endeavour for the Ku-ring-gai community not only for its flexibility, approachable nature and the inclusive structure of the program but because of the local proximity for its members.

Safety for our members is paramount, closely followed by sportsmanship and of course, having fun. We are always open to feedback and look forward to hearing from members and parents on how we can continue to improve and grow the club.

NSBL started on an outdoor tennis court with approximately a dozen participants at our sessions.

During 2014, NSBL relocated to St Ives High School, increasing in numbers and proudly finishing the year with 66 members.

2015 started with 80 participants in the first week, setting the bar high for what was an exciting year for NSBL. Mid 2015 our numbers had reached the outstanding milestone of 100!

NSBL for 2016 started strong with 120 participants a week!
2016, Term 3, 140+ participants a week.
End of 2016 we had 200+ members!

Inter League Competitions in 2017 expanded significantly (Grades 4/5, 6/7 & 8/9). The club ended 2017 with 250+ members each week and 400 members on the database.

2018 was record breaking for the club.
Reaching 330 members a week & over 600 members on the database. New after school sessions were added to accommodate the growing numbers.

2019 has proven to be another successful year. Reaching in excess of 380 members a week with additional hours of operation added. 

On Sunday, players are placed into a teams based on their age and ability. They remain in their teams until the end of term. Teams play against each other in a fun & supportive environment where sportsmanship and skills are put into practice. Scores are kept and coaches sometimes interrupt the games to give direction and explanations where necessary. Parents are encouraged to join in the atmosphere and cheer on their team.